Saturday, June 3, 2017

तुम  मुझसे  कह  सको 
और  में  तुम्बे  सुन  सकू 
ये  ज़रूरत  तो  नहीं. 

रास्तें  अलग  हैं  लेकिन 
ख्वाब  भी  अलग  हो   
ये  ज़रूरत  तो  नहीं.

परेशां हु  में  
नादाँ तन्हाई  को  कैसे  दफनाओ 
तुम्हारी  परछाई  को  छूकर  
तुम्हें  भी  आग़ाज़  मिल  जाये 
ये  ज़रूरत  तो  नहीं. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let The River Flow

Scrawny river flows when its ebb falls into the sunlight
But sunlight comes from the drought-ridden raisin-dry sun
That is old and ancient; that has lived its life,
Not knowing that lives dried up when the sky turned white
On that fateful day, when the galactic dust spewn from the
Rib of the universe, while the cosmos prayed and pined.
It pined and rebelled when the sun failed to balance
When the stars failed to leap to its rescue
As the clawy arms of the blackness scratched its nails
On the walls of dust built of the colossal colloidal cosmos

Scrawny river when will you flow into the eternal crevasse
Of the deeper gorges, of the cracked surface of sensibile plane
That just wants to lay and play, sway to your ebb and flow,
Pave the careful path of passion and expression
Inaccessible to the death - ridden harbours of callous ignorance
Inadvertent in its pauses, incoherent are its pain and losses
Just wants to flow with the loud lovely massive waves
Of the cosmos, that still can follow the sun any day

And fall with the river to turn around a dying day?

Sunday, October 2, 2016


चाहत का इज़हार,
मुश्किल लगता है मुझे हमेशा 

इसीलिए मेरे  इज़हारों  के कतार में 
चाहत गुम जाती है

महफ़िल सज जाती है इज़हारे-नुमाइश की,
लेकिन अरसे बीत जातें है
दिल की बात आँखों तक नहीं उतरती.

कैद रह जाती है तो सिर्फ
कुछ दर्द और कुछ एहसास...

क्योंकि इज़हारे चाहतों को ढूंढ नहीं पाती
इसीलिए चाहत बरक़रार रहती है. 

Aaj phir tum yaad aaye

आज फिर तुम याद आये... बारिश में बंधी ख्वाहिश धूल चुकी है अभी काफिरों की जंगल में मुहब्बत के पीर ढूंढ लाने की फरमाइश पूरी नहीं होगी कभी. आत्माओं का मिलान, कशिश भरी बातों की गुज़ारिश से सिमट गयी है साँसें चल रही है क्योंकि तुम्हे खुश देखने की ख्वाहिश कभी डूबेगी नहीं.

Jhaank kar dekho zara

Jhaank kar dekho zara
Koi aa raha hai kya?
Barish hai barson ke baad ki
Baras rahi hai, taras rahi hai...

Meri jhoonki hui nazron ko
Padhne ki khwahish jo rakhte hai
Un nazron se nazrein milna mushkil hai
Par jab hazaron bundon ki awaz
Jhapent-ti hui aati hai
Garajti hai haasiyon ke aad mein
Unko tab na pukaar paane ka dard
Tut padti hai...

Barson ki pyaas yaad dilati hai
Jab meri saanson ki awaz suniayi nahi deti
Tab har ek saans ke sannaaton mein
Tum sun sakte ho…
Mein baras nahi sakti tumhaare liye

Yeh yaad karati hai.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seeking Answer to Madness

I have seen a bit of me in you
I have fought myself with you
Seen the grass grow from green to blue
Skies turning from blue to red

I have hit the road when 
The asphalt was still wet
I have quietened down my murmur
To keep your lips from burning red

I have thrown the rain drops away
When my hand was not yet full
I have kept their wetness with me still
So our hands could stick from falling

When the walls are being painted black
With shadows of covers, clothes and cosmopolitanism
I have kept the black beads of the pearl to
Still catch some of the lightness of the rainbow

Why is it so hard then to build a house
For two dark souls and with a thatched roof?
Why is it so hard to just let the sunlight
Catch a tiny glimpse of the raindrops?

In my hand, just once? Just once?
So we can sleep on a quiet hay of
Rainbow and murmurs?
Just a tiny bit?

You must be wondering…
What the hell am I talking about!
And I wonder… just wonder
How long are we going to wonder…

Am I too bold? Am I too right?
Am I too sharp to see through
That these lines are not ready for this world?
Am I too hard to get through?
Or am I just plain intelligent enough to
See that two extraordinaries are caught
In one ordinary world trying to find
A flick of rope with a label that will say...
We are not Mad!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Soldier Seeking

Wall consuming brick and mortar 
Cementing in the last ounce left in you
Files and dot coms,
Myriad numbers to fall in line
Taking the cudgels of the cause
To feed the money grinding machine…
And let the deserted field see one more season
Of the grazing ground, fast fading into 
Cracked wrinkles of the desolate earth.

Gather around, fall in line!
Don't look down, don't look up
March to the Temple where the
War for redemption will swell up

Hut! Say Hut! Take that crutch and take it to the Temple
Where you will redeem your Medal!
Grovel in mud - Attaboy! Grovel harder!
Beg-steal-borrow. But don't let that crutch go!

You're a soldier with no redemption
Nein sorrow, nein pain - nein Fear.
You're going to be brave 
Pushed into the alter of martyrdom.
No pyre, no statues, no rewards waiting
Only an unending war of the worlds
Till you seek for redemption
Outside the Temple, 

Into the grazing wild.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't know what to name it. So I name it 'Dilemma'

I'm ready to breathe out in the open
But stifling me inside the air goes out
Taking my fear, my sorrow, my trouble,
While i'm sitting here by the edge of the world.

I'm aware of the space outside -
But know how short lived it is;
Tearing through my veins is the burst of breath
Of a galactic murmur that's unheard, that's dormant…

What is more painful than the sound of heaving leaves
And panting breeze outside your portico;
Your portico of gasps and gashes,
For this is where you started to breathe when you were born
And this is where you will be - when you're gone

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today the sky broke
The lightning struck 
The thunder faded and yet
The stench of heat remained.

Words pelted and thoughts groaned
Eyes shuttered, lips smacked...

But the sky remained pitch black 
Croaking under the blackness
Of the shrouded cove

Tries and trials clashed 
In their eternal marriage of
A vagabond life;

Where no peace, no hope, no light
Can enter the orifices of pale words...

Today the world spoke,
The earth shook, spat and curdled
And anti-death woke into anti-life
As night slithered into day.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Monologue of Dominance: To A Woman

Lady, you're in my parlor now -
Come ye most precious and fair!
Let me put some pins in your hair,
Bead them up and shine them bright
And tie them up to the dark night

O come hither my darling, to me,
My arms of dazzling delights,
Come here and you shall find
Fair weather blossom kissing them
To woo the gentlemen and the knights

Come my lady, let me lay a hand on you -
Let me, O let me add a blush for you;
A blush made of fire and blood,
O let me pour them on those bossom
of heaving souls, young and old

Hark ye the slander, the soulless
Voice of defender, blindfold thy
Heart to hide the secrets meandered
For I've got the scarf of disguise
To wrap your Lady Consience to demise!

No my lady! Don't be so startled
Question your inner quiverings
And you will find, the ageless
Cravings of sqeezing spasms
That runs this world asunder

Kind, O how kind my lady's eyes are,
What a blasphemy in the scene 
Of this hour. I'll put my potion
boiling at once! And begone those
Seeds of dunce. 

And here we are, my sisters at aid -
Shame, Lust, Sex and Power: My slaves.
We stain the warps of Time and Minds
And feed the reaps to the foetus of
my Goddess... for she's wilfully blind

Blind and Beautiful! Hail the deity
Of the infinite divine,
The eternal bind of Mankind!
Builder and sustainer of 
Hearths and sanity

I toil for Her Godliness
To reap and feed her seed
Blood and fire, brothed out
Of the constant myre of greed
Born of the stain of Time

O how sweet is the taste my dear,
Of thy pure femininity! When I
extract you at Her pyre,
To help the earthlings go
About their frivolity -

Now, now, my lady do not fear,
I'm Greatness incarnate, not a liar!
I toil to be the reason of all reasons
Procurer of the Need and Treason,
My son is Survival

I am God to the Creator, 
Harbinger of elusive Hope,
I keep the illusion of the
Fabric you earthlings cling to
Where you hide and grope

My meddlings keep them busy
And my precious deity
Thrives on the fumes
And fears of the low-lives
That keeps this world spinning

To this you shall aid me woman
For time eternal and serve
To my behest; lend me your strings
To keep men falling, falling to
Grovel and become Orcs 

Orcs of Society - who worship me,
With enslaved sense; lay prostrate,
Before me, my ever consuming holiness,
For I am the Rule by which they survive -
I am Dominance.