Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let The River Flow

Scrawny river flows when its ebb falls into the sunlight
But sunlight comes from the drought-ridden raisin-dry sun
That is old and ancient; that has lived its life,
Not knowing that lives dried up when the sky turned white
On that fateful day, when the galactic dust spewn from the
Rib of the universe, while the cosmos prayed and pined.
It pined and rebelled when the sun failed to balance
When the stars failed to leap to its rescue
As the clawy arms of the blackness scratched its nails
On the walls of dust built of the colossal colloidal cosmos

Scrawny river when will you flow into the eternal crevasse
Of the deeper gorges, of the cracked surface of sensibile plane
That just wants to lay and play, sway to your ebb and flow,
Pave the careful path of passion and expression
Inaccessible to the death - ridden harbours of callous ignorance
Inadvertent in its pauses, incoherent are its pain and losses
Just wants to flow with the loud lovely massive waves
Of the cosmos, that still can follow the sun any day

And fall with the river to turn around a dying day?

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