Monday, August 18, 2008

© Dreamt of Rain on a Rainless Night

Can’t see a thing
People running for cover
Narrow view from the terrace
The weatherman doesn’t know when the rain will stop
And none knows what the sky looks like beyond the clouds

One umbrella…
Printed with the colors of Spring
That came and passed too soon
One drenched body standing tall under it
Measuring the rain with a coffee-spoon
For the weatherman cannot be found
And none knows what the sky looks like beyond the clouds

Broken bridge…
Across the bend of the road
Eyes restless everywhere to reach a safe ground
Black coats and black boots run in order
To cross over the heaving river not knowing
What the sky looks like beyond the clouds

A broken roof…
Above a broken house
Pair of eyes look through a broken pane
Twitching the ring around her finger she
Had wished to stay in… waiting…
The weatherman had said he would return
To take her to the world beyond the clouds

The play has ended and the actors have gone,
The black boots with people in them stay on
The broken bridge is mended, the rain has ended
The stage is forlorn, and far beyond stands
The tall body with eyes looking beyond
Holding her lifeless in his arms and her ring on his finger,
Screams out lifting her up to the sky
As the black booted people close in to swallow her up
The weatherman stands paralyzed with the sky in his hands
The harbinger of Sun and Spring
And screams out with death in his voice
“None could see that the sky came down beyond the clouds.”