Monday, July 15, 2013

Soldier Seeking

Wall consuming brick and mortar 
Cementing in the last ounce left in you
Files and dot coms,
Myriad numbers to fall in line
Taking the cudgels of the cause
To feed the money grinding machine…
And let the deserted field see one more season
Of the grazing ground, fast fading into 
Cracked wrinkles of the desolate earth.

Gather around, fall in line!
Don't look down, don't look up
March to the Temple where the
War for redemption will swell up

Hut! Say Hut! Take that crutch and take it to the Temple
Where you will redeem your Medal!
Grovel in mud - Attaboy! Grovel harder!
Beg-steal-borrow. But don't let that crutch go!

You're a soldier with no redemption
Nein sorrow, nein pain - nein Fear.
You're going to be brave 
Pushed into the alter of martyrdom.
No pyre, no statues, no rewards waiting
Only an unending war of the worlds
Till you seek for redemption
Outside the Temple, 

Into the grazing wild.