Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seeking Answer to Madness

I have seen a bit of me in you
I have fought myself with you
Seen the grass grow from green to blue
Skies turning from blue to red

I have hit the road when 
The asphalt was still wet
I have quietened down my murmur
To keep your lips from burning red

I have thrown the rain drops away
When my hand was not yet full
I have kept their wetness with me still
So our hands could stick from falling

When the walls are being painted black
With shadows of covers, clothes and cosmopolitanism
I have kept the black beads of the pearl to
Still catch some of the lightness of the rainbow

Why is it so hard then to build a house
For two dark souls and with a thatched roof?
Why is it so hard to just let the sunlight
Catch a tiny glimpse of the raindrops?

In my hand, just once? Just once?
So we can sleep on a quiet hay of
Rainbow and murmurs?
Just a tiny bit?

You must be wondering…
What the hell am I talking about!
And I wonder… just wonder
How long are we going to wonder…

Am I too bold? Am I too right?
Am I too sharp to see through
That these lines are not ready for this world?
Am I too hard to get through?
Or am I just plain intelligent enough to
See that two extraordinaries are caught
In one ordinary world trying to find
A flick of rope with a label that will say...
We are not Mad!