Monday, July 21, 2008

© That's Me

I should’ve been raved apart, I should’ve been screaming out,
Why did I tell you that the stream flows there along?
Beat me you would have, teared me you would have, apart and wide,
That would have been better than revealing that the stream flows along.
Now that I told you, I revealed the nooks and crannies of the valley,
You know that you’ve conquered the Neverland, though the stream doesn’t flow to thee.

The water now splatters on my hand and the stain of blood remains,
Will I ever be able to wash this blood away and numb my pain?
For I drank the blood of the unicorn where the hopes of both keeps throbbing – for I’m a selfish quencher of thirst who moves along robbing… There you know me now:

I’m a murderer of Hope.

I walk with the wound on my hand,
Aching in pain as the wind blows past it. I don’t balm my wound: I keep it covered, block it from the wind, the wind of balmful silence – It’s my job:
I’m a murderer of Silence

Cackling out loud, the thunder comes, and time strikes a standstill;
The moment of lull, or so did one think – where Time will wait for me to come back,
But I walk out, lashing time out with the cackle of my silence; I have to, for
I’m the murderer of Future.

I know what I’m doing, I know I’m right; I don’t know what I’m doing, I know I’m wrong –
I never gave, I responded; I never promised, I only nodded; I never made, I only destroyed;
I walked into the valley of Life to wilt out hope; I was born make every affirmation bow down and grope;
I’m the shadow in every source of light; I’m the boulder in every path; I’m the oasis that only deludes;
Falsity in every truth; Death I am in every rebirth – I’m the bad in every good,
I’m the present that can only be a desire or an unforgettable past that’s not worth a memory.
I’m the all pervasive wrong that all must hate – coax descent in every ascent and every assertion I negate;

Yes, that's me - one of those ordinary cowardly modern beings
'Human' I dare say - the core of neverness of all Neverland dreams...

It's with My freewill that nullifies the Providence above -

I’m the one who cried when I murdered you, My Love.


  1. looks like you have already killed hope without giving it a fair chance. it can all be good, how do you what the future holds? just do your share and hope. just do your share... just be fair to hope and to dreams. Neverland will be Eden. Wind is doing his bit, you do yours- Anonymous

  2. Your poems are so sad. It must have been a great tragedy in your life. Happy poems are the best. So our heart has joy. Please write some happy ones.