Sunday, September 19, 2010


A wasted morning
A concrete street
You and me sitting here
By the roadside - we're hungry and they're rich

No no no, not homeless...
But a brick and mortar roof we have
That trickles of black sin every night
When we sleep and dream

Of wasted lives, of wasted wars and wasted spirits,
The blackened-sooted-embroidered curtains of our
Painted walls flutter and close in

Do we hear them? Do we hear the the whisper of the
Yonder trees cackling out with the age old shriek -
The call for help that spills over with their dried
Leaves and gets crushed on the concrete

Skylines of the city? Can we feel the stench of the
Their blood that was spilled last night? Can you?
Ah but this is a guarded secret that lay outside and
Not inside these four walls! The guarded secrets!

So well guarded and protected away never ever to
Let penetrate our perfect worlds of wonderings -
'Havings' 'let's haves' 'why nots' - fucking social gatherings!

But why does that stench get to me only?

That ah that I must be insane! These are only bearable to barbarians
Such as me who sometimes lets temptation close in to take a peek into
That neverland of world without walls and punctuations!

A stench is a stench - a disgrace of nature! Shoo them away with a
Man made fragrance! There! Sweep those leaves away and close the
Curtains. That's better now...

Calm... peace... silence... no unfamiliar hauntings of the green-blue nature;
No cries of penance for the spirits who're trapped within

Let's Party, Let's Dance! - I can hear my friends calling: 'Got errands to run tomorrow,'
'Have to shoot somebody tonight,' 'Need to rape my conscience - I'm busy,'
'Get me a drink for god's sake!'

You and me gather ourselves, we walk into the halls to greet the floor,
The wasted people, the wasted crowd, come ye hither to make us proud,
The stench goes away, the leaves swept off -
The only place for salvation is
No place at all.


  1. Really touching. And i enjoyed the images you used. Your command over the language is pretty evident

  2. Hey there! Nice collection! I am trying to ink some dark, abstract poems as well.. is the link to my blog..
    Btw, a little thought, your template makes your poems not so visible :(
    Bookmarked, will read some more of your posts soon..


  3. it was great!
    check out my stuff too!

  4. Thanks all for your comments and feedbacks! :)