Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sitting by the window
Against the twilight,
The last shimmer of the rainbow
Fades into the night -
Out in the garden
Flowers of the last season,
I look at them
I’m looking for a reason;
And then I see it, as it flies past me
The dragonfly riding the wind from the sea.

A season that was past
Where the blue-bells hung
The primrose shoots of love had sprung
The Wind then had prayed the Spring to last
For the tender shoots tied to the mast
But too barren was the soil to hold the mast of yearn
And the Ashes of the dragonfly buried the Earth to burn

This evening, the fluttering wings I can hear again
Like the voice of an ancient miner calling my name
Deep down from the valleys of a heart born and bound
Ever locked away from the world where light was found

I’ll weed the wilted flowers -
The rendition of my toil,
Sow new seeds in the seasoned soil
The Spring can’t last
But new seasons will come
That’ll nourish the flowers
For the Dragonfly to return

Through the dimming twilight
I see a silver line,
Wings rubbing the wind – a familiar sign
Relinquished the knot and ruined is the mast,
Shackles of a season that was past
As the dragonfly buzzes on with guilty delight

I want to cry,
I want to pluck the wilted flowers goodbye…
Not a fenced garden
Walk a road untrodden,
I want to sprinkle new seeds on a path saffron-brazen
To cherish what will remain,
I’ve to be born again;

I’ll scream, I’ll climb to find the me in me
And then I’ll know what’s it’s like to be free
Will you come then to carry the wind to the sea?

I’ll wait to paint my Kingdom of Oz on the canvas of the sky –
I’ll live, I’ll die, I’ll pray to ride on the Wings of the Dragonfly


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  2. coool blog gal..
    Really loved reading dem!!!
    keep Up!!

  3. Really Beautiful Lines!!
    With All Best Wishes...

  4. it's really good :)
    I luv the ending