Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do you remember?

Do you remember that day when you saw me?

Me, oblivious of your presence? Do you remember how we had exchanged the first words with intermittent hesitations on our mind? Do you know that I had felt then what I feel for you now?

Do you remember that small wooden bench by the side of the lake where we sat?

And we spoke a world without speaking a word? Do you remember the person who gave you the best compliment? – you are yourself when you are with me…
Do you know that I had felt then what I feel for you now?

Have you thought of those crooked paths ever after you left? That corner stone, half glistened by our peace and half torn by the storm that was raging inside you… your ego tainted lips won’t reveal the secret of the holocaust that only I could see in your subtly glistening eyes? Do you know that I had felt what I feel for you now?

Uncontrollable were you, wild and untamed… do you remember how I had watched your calm countenance against the sparkling water splashing over the boat? Do you know then I wanted to tell then what I feel for you now?

You had asked me what do we have in store… I wanted to say “happiness”, but dared not, lest I’m carried away by your ruthless passion… I had replied, “let’s see what’s in store” –

A small feather asked to blow with the breeze or choose to be with current… it could only bear to wait till the breeze had passed… but the breeze is still here, while it craves for the storm… afraid all the time of calamity… well that would have been calamity without and heaven within…

It was then, and it is now… you couldn’t see then, you can’t see now… I felt the same then, as I feel now.

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